Frisian Ino
Call signPCPQ
IMO no.9463877
Port of RegistrySneek
Classification society


Length overall87,50 m
Length bpp84,24 m
Breadth extreme11,30 m
Draft max. Summer4,10 m
Gross tonnage1.801
Nett tonnage927
Deadweight2.538 mt
Airdraft in ballast8,50 m
No. of holds / hatches1 / 1
Type of hatchPontoon covers (10 pieces)
Hold dimensions (LxWxH)

55,70 x 9,30 x 6,40 m

Hatch dimensions (LxW)

55,70 x 9,30 x 6,40 m

Box shapedYES
Hold capacity3.427 cbm / 121.000 cbft
Grain bulkhead2 bulkhead, 7 positions
Tanktop strength15,00 mt/sqm
Hatchcover strength1,60 mt/sqm
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